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Hi there, call me Yoshii. I am the founder of the Battlefield Knights. We have been a dedictated PS3 platoon since 2010. BK on Facebook: www.facebook.com/supportbk BK on Twitter: www.twitter.com/supportbk BK on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/BattlefieldCries

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Event: Quickdraw Date: August 2, 2014

This event is open for all Battlefield Knights members. Event Name: QUICK DRAW Involves: SINGLE SHOT Handgun, blood like ice and a dead eye. Game Objective: On the Platoon Leader or Event Managers instruction, you line up. Wait for the c4 to explode and switch from your main weapon to your sidearm and shoot. You stop shooting till there is 

Premium Double XP weekend

Battlefield4 Premium Event Get your gear on and lock and load those weapons. This weekend is another Double XP weekend for premium members. If you have boost tickets, this would be the time to use them. Using boost tickets during double XP events will give you a crazy amount of XP! And let's be honest, once you hit rank 100, 

BK Private PS3 Server for BF4

The Battlefield Knights PS3 Server Currently 1 dedicated European Battlefield4 server for our members. If possible we will rent another server for the US. Unfortunately the servers cost about 60 USD per 3 months. We ask for your support by contributing to the costs. Anyone donating more then 5 Euro gets a VIP slot on the server. In addition Platoon 

BF4 Squad Join (Beta) – How to?

The party is on! Why this never was an option from the start, we never understood. The days of waiting in a queue to join your friends is over. In the game, select Multiplayer. You should now have the "BF4 Squad Join (Beta)" option. If you click it, you will start in the lobby. (see image below) Join or start 

BF4 “Final Stand” Release

What do we know about "Final Stand"? If you read our previous post about the upcoming BF4 DLC "Dragon's Teeth", you know there are several post on the internet about the release date. They all refer to a "source" who has post details on "Reddit". Among the information, the release dates of "Dragon's Teeth" and "Last Stand" and map names 

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