BF4 “Final Stand” Release

What do we know about "Final Stand"?

If you read our previous post about the upcoming BF4 DLC "Dragon's Teeth", you know there are several post on the internet about the release date. They all refer to a "source" who has post details on "Reddit". Among the information, the release dates of "Dragon's Teeth" and "Last Stand" and map names and description. The first release date mentioned was March 3. But as this date comes closer, this looks unlikely. DICE wouldn't release a DLC without advertising it weeks before. Maybe it got postponed and/or delayed.

So when will it be released?

According to the source, the initial release will be on September 2, for premium BF members. The release for non-premium members will be 14 days later. However as the release date for "Dragon's Teeth" was postponed, you should add this time also to this expected release date.

What maps will be included?

What to expect in this DLC? The description: "The war is reaching its epic conclusion in Battlefield 4 Final Stand - More info to follow"

  • Artic Research
  • Sub Base
  • Walker Factory
  • Titan

What is missing in BF4 "Last Stand"?

This will be the last DLC in the BF4 franchise, What would you like to see included in the new "Last Stand" DLC? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion in the forum. Feel free to sign up with our website, even if you are not a member. Registration is free!

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6 Responses to "BF4 “Final Stand” Release"

  1. SirDucesXXIV says:

    I will get premium very late.

    I’ll get to enjoy this in the summer.

  2. JohnnieGunz21 says:

    Idk what to expect, but I hope ‘Titan’ is awesome just because Titan is an awesome name for a map. And Sub Base? I’d love to see an underwater submarine battle with leveloution consisting of the sub having a hull breach with the sub filling slowly with water forcing the battlefield to move as the water increases. Similar to flood zone with a vehicle change, but in this sub would be new command posts to capture as the water increases or something. That would be sick.

  3. MrHydroflix10 says:

    september 2nd !!! pre mocks :(

  4. toxicinference says:

    I’d like to see some amazing Levolutions and such.

  5. e6eleven says:

    Finally maps that will make the snow camos make sense, however since those camos are only for the guns and not your soldier I am wondering how bad we will stick out on the white background.

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