EASTER HUNT: Find the $10 PSN card

Find the $10 PSN card

Judging from the many videos on YouTube, its clear you guys like to search for hidden rewards. So we have hidden an Egg somewhere on this website. This one is actually worth 10 USD. The price will be e-mailed to your registered BK e-mail. You can exchange the code in the Playstation(*) store.
(*)The card is a US card and can only be used on an account that is registered under the US region.

How do I enter the contest?

This event is only available for members of our Battlefield Knights platoon.

How does it work?

Somewhere on the website there is a link which will contain a code. Paste the code below in the comments. The first to post the code is the one to win the $10 PSN Card. The link can be anywhere. On any page, in old articles, on the forum, in an old post, maybe the signup form, a file to download, maybe you should go look before you are too late!

When does the contest start?

To give everyone in every time zone a fair chance, the search will start in about 8 hours from now. We have put up a counter on the side of the page to show you when it starts.

Didn't find the first one? We have 2 PSN cards to give away. So there will be a second round!

UPDATE: Both Easter Eggs have been found. Congratulations to Blue_Eyed_Recon and Ghost.

The first egg was hidden under a link in the "BK Misc. Video" section. The second egg was hidden under the preview image of the Gravatar item under "BK Help Files"

The codes will be e-mailed to your BK registered account e-mail.

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Hi there, call me Yoshii. I am the founder of the Battlefield Knights. We have been a dedictated PS3 platoon since 2010. BK on Facebook: www.facebook.com/supportbk BK on Twitter: www.twitter.com/supportbk BK on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/BattlefieldCries

68 Responses to "EASTER HUNT: Find the $10 PSN card"

  1. tom1210 says:

    Awesome idea Yoshii, good luck everyone!

  2. MrHydroflix10 says:

    oh dayum i am finding both

  3. tabasaki says:

    Not if I find them first!!!

  4. Zoomytail says:

    I hope I’ll be home in 2 hrs. xD


  5. toxicinference says:

    Cant wait for this to start 😀 Good luck everyone. And for those who havnt added me on PSN, im Toxic_Inference :)

  6. Go and search! The first one to paste the CODE below, wins! (if a post is in moderation and posted before you, you lose) So wait till the winner is announced!!

  7. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:


  8. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    I found it guy’s

  9. SirMASA-2001 says:


  10. Ok, that was a close finish! We have a winner for the first 10$ PSN card – Congrats to Blue_Eyed_Recon. Your card will be e-mailed within 24hrs with your code.

    Next Card will be hidden in 1 hour from now. So stick around.

  11. SirMASA-2001 says:

    who wins?

  12. SirMASA-2001 says:

    ok good job

  13. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    Thanks yoshi.

  14. For those who did not find it. The code could be found by clicking on an existing link. In Misc Video, the last video has a “See All” link.
    The target of the link was changed to a page containing the code.

    You could also have found it if you simply would have used the search option. Simply searching for Easter Egg would have done the trick.

    Not going to happen again, of course! – Keep your eye on the clock!

  15. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    yeah I was about to tell you that I just searched it and if it was ok.

  16. tom1210 says:

    Congrats Blue_Eyed_Recon

  17. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    Thanks….I should get on this website more often.

  18. Zoomytail says:

    congrats 😀

  19. tom1210 says:

    Yes, please do :)

  20. OK, Are we ready? GO and search.

    This time it is again hidden under something existing. Maybe a link, a picture with a link, a file to download, you find it and post it below!

  21. MrHydroflix10 says:

    I am going to win this

  22. tom1210 says:

    This is a tricky one haha

  23. MrHydroflix10 says:

    all i found was pictures of the bf3 team :/

  24. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    same here…………..I might have to go computer nerd on this.

  25. MrHydroflix10 says:

    is the code : cpppps

  26. Its easier then the previous one. But the first Egg was actually very, very easy to find, you just had to think of it. I already gave the hint, its up to you guys to find it.

    And remember, all posts have a time stamp. So answers that did not get moderated might show up before the post.

  27. MrHydroflix10 says:

    2012_6_30_21_45_55_0 maybe ?

  28. tom1210 says:

    Lol I’ve probably scrolled passed it a million times.

  29. MrHydroflix10 says:

    hope of me getting it is slipping away

  30. Before I go to bed, I will leave you with a last hint….look closer

  31. SirMASA-2001 says:

    i can only find it on this website not on the battlog……right?

  32. toxicinference says:

    Is it look closer???

  33. MrHydroflix10 says:

    scared to say campo but is it campo because yoshii can be sly

  34. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    let me take a random guess at it Call Of Duty Sucks

  35. SirMASA-2001 says:

    I GIVE UP!!!!
    screw it i can get my own card :)

  36. MrHydroflix10 says:

    here my final guess is campo

  37. tom1210 says:

    Well i’l leave this one to you guys, its going to bug the hell out of me until its found though lol.

  38. Zoomytail says:

    I already gave up. xD

  39. Ghost says:


  40. tom1210 says:

    Keep trying guys, it has to be here somewhere!

  41. Ghost says:

    i found it and posted it but it says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  42. tabasaki says:

    I can’t find it…booooooo

  43. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    could it be: HAPPY EASTER (Found on battelog)

  44. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    …………………. 😉

  45. Congrats to Ghost for finding the second Easter Egg!!

  46. Zoomytail says:

    How’d you find it? Teach me master!

  47. MrHydroflix10 says:

    are you serious *sigh*

  48. tom1210 says:

    Where was it?

  49. Ghost says:

    It was in help files on how to add an avatar and u had to click on the image

  50. Blue_Eyed_Recon says:

    Mine didn’t work……. 😥

  51. Blue, if you are referring to your PSN card, it’s a US PSN card and can only be used in US stores. So if you are not on a US account, the card will not work. If you continue to have problems with the card, let me know by e-mail (not here in the comments), I will contact the store.

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