Event: Zombie Mode Date: July 28, 2012

This event is open for all Battlefield Knights members.

Event Name: Zombie Mode
Involves: guns, knifes, smoke & Zombies.

Game Objective:

A TDM event involving RU side who are zombies and US side who are humans. Zombies use knife to kill and humans can use guns and knives. Zombies win by killing all humans. Humans win by surviving or by reducing zombie team tickets to zero. If slots are available on RU side, dead humans can convert to zombies by switching sides.

Zombies can use MAV to track humans down. Zombies can also use smoke to cover their trail. Zombies can use defib to awake their fallen ones. There is safety in numbers. So humans should always try stay in groups. Use Squad sprint for faster running speed either for catching up with humans or fleeing from zombies.

Zombie health will be buffed and bullets fired by humans will do reduced damage than usual.
Humans can use GUNS & KNIVES ONLY. Zombies can use KNIVES ONLY.
Humans cannot use explosives to kill. RPG, Grenades, M320, C4, Claymores are NOT allowed.
Humans CANNOT REVIVE knifed ones.

Date: July 28, 2012
Time: 19:00 GMT +1
Server: Server 2 - Random's Server
Allowed Weapons: Normal sidearm and main weapon
Other weapons allowed: Knife, Defib & Smoke (for zombie only and not as weapon)
Vehicles allowed: No Vehicles Allowed

Maps: Tehran Highway, Operation Metro, Grand Bazaar

-Before the event starts, everyone should collect on the server and wait for instructions. Ask a Platoon Leader for the server password.

-Do not drive anything else but the jeeps to reach the objective and park them away from the hot-zone. Do not fly helicopters Helicopters, Jets or MAV.

-Get with the program. We do not need spectators. If you only want to watch, wait for the video.

-Use your headset and set your ingame VOIP to TEAM. You are there to participate in the event, so listen to the instructions of the Leaders.

-If you spawn in the event and do not know what is going on, don't do anything. Do not assume we are doing something, join a squad and ask. Otherwise you wait till such instructions are given to you.

-Wear your Sir clantag during the event or risk getting kicked.

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Hi there, call me Yoshii. I am the founder of the Battlefield Knights. We have been a dedictated PS3 platoon since 2010. BK on Facebook: www.facebook.com/supportbk BK on Twitter: www.twitter.com/supportbk BK on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/BattlefieldCries

20 Responses to "Event: Zombie Mode Date: July 28, 2012"

  1. Nachinrob says:

    YEAH!!!!!!! That´s gonna be a great event!!! Im so sorry to be on vacation that day =( next one for me… Please have a lot of fun!

  2. Camadudeonps3 says:

    That’s a good idea

  3. FeveristikJr says:

    are we gonna train for this?

    • ZohanDaGreat says:

      Why would we train for it? 😮 I’m assuming all we’ll need to do is listen to the instructions and follow them. This is going to be fun! :)

      • Nachinrob says:

        Yeah I think its gonna be pretty hard to train to fight against the zombies.. this is a very special game mode… you gonna have to to shot your way out Jr, or become a crazy zombie

  4. deadlydangl3z_13 says:

    I want in on this action

  5. deadlydangl3z_13 says:

    how do i know what time that is my ti me?

  6. TheExiler42 says:

    Im so gonna be there :)

  7. Nachinrob says:

    Its in 2 days already!! Im having a great time on vacation but f*** i wish I was at home for this event!!

  8. MACattackROGI says:

    This seems so different and interesting, can’t wait to be a part of the BF3 apocalypse!

  9. Achauhan99 says:

    What was the password for the server?

  10. Camadudeonps3 says:

    What is the pass

  11. Camadudeonps3 says:

    It sucks never do it again on 1000% health
    That’s NO FUN!!!

  12. ToxicBerserker says:

    Oooooo, this sounds very interesting, I’m going to try to play in this event!!! 😀

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