Should the Knights go on a Crusade?

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The Battle Commands Crusader

Even we have announced there will be no more clanwars, we are still considering the options. And even tho it sounds great organizing a clanwar, there are too many issues with it.

Who will get to play?

So how does it work exactly? Where do we decide who should be in the clan war? Do we hold matches to decide who is the strongest?
Do we make it obligated to follow a training? How about the people who have been in this Platoon since the beginning, but do not have the time to follow the training? Or just do not make the standard? I am not the best player, so I do not get to play in it?

Lets talk about it

I have opened a section in the forum to discuss it, click here. If you guys come up with solutions for the above, I will submit it to the Platoon and we will get to vote on it. If this is something the majority can live with, we will consider doing clanwars again.

Please do not use the comments below to start a discussion about this. Discussions go here

Lets test the waters

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Hi there, call me Yoshii. I am the founder of the Battlefield Knights. We have been a dedictated PS3 platoon since 2010. BK on Facebook: BK on Twitter: BK on YouTube:

15 Responses to "Should the Knights go on a Crusade?"

  1. Nachinrob says:

    Great picture there mate! Love the looks of the post.. With that picture I want to go to war the old-school way!!!

  2. RandomAvatar says:

    I wish bf3 had swords.

  3. abdul_king says:

    Dunno bout Crusade but i love this PIc as its an EPIC PIC

  4. ferrari426 says:

    Yeah we should have clan battles but not all the time.

  5. quinnyboy73 says:

    i say yes to clan wars but we need to make sure were putting our best people out there

  6. abdul_king says:

    your vote matters guys , so please vote

  7. Eterna-1995 says:

    when ur going to vote whos getting into clan wars you’re probably gonna leave a lot of less important and less known people behind.
    i don’t think all the leaders are the best players we have..

    no offence guys.

  8. xafricanwarriorx says:

    it also depends on who will be online @ that particular time. what happens when someone losses connection mid way the game? what is a good player spm/kd/teamplayer?
    Personally, i think clan wars are healthy for the platoon. That is the whole point of joining a platoon. we are not UN peacekeepers, we are Battlefield knights!

    • life_hacker says:

      We need to divide each BK platoon into multiple squads of 20 players and then assign a Squad Lead reporting into the Platoon lead. Each Platoon should arrange for their own Clan war. Maybe we can begin with intra-platoon wars.

  9. abdul_king says:

    Life i like the idea , but its a bit hassle ,but hell yeah each leader takes cares of a platoon , organizes the battles within the platoon to come up with the best & den we have the inter platoon battles & have a winner & that winner goes up against Battlefield Knights Elite

  10. ZohanDaGreat says:

    We can’t just divide every platoon like that. The older platoon’s have less active players, and I’m sure there are people who don’t want to participate. Before we do anything, we would need to have an idea of who is interested – if they don’t sign up, they don’t war because we need to have some bit of organization.

    I think we should be looking at warring other platoons with 12v12 or at least 8v8 because if it’s just one squad vs the other, there’s no way everyone would get a shot.

    Maybe divide it into divisions and set squads etc. And possibly have people who are willing to war but less interested ready as a reserve in case someone can’t make it at the last minute or something.

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