Time Zone Match

Tired of playing alone?

The idea behind the "Time Zone Match" is to bring platoon members together. With everyone in a different timezone, finding online members is difficult. Especially when you are new in the platoon.

We started the "Time Zone Match" in 2012 with forum posts for each region. Members had to post their region there. A lot of work. With a new version of Battlefield and an upgrade of Battlelog, we can't stay behind.

Members only Beta

The "Time Zone Match" is a Beta. During the Beta, this feature is only available for platoon members of the Battlefield Knights. The next update will automatically display your EA ID as a link to your profile page.

Subsribers release

This feature will be later available for all subscribers. So make sure you subscribe with our website, click here.
If you are an existing subscriber of the website, update your profile. Login and click "Edit my Profile".

Let's get started

So where can you find the "Time Zone Match"? In the menu click on "Members Only" and select "Time Zone Match". Or click here. This feature is only visible for platoon members of the BK.

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Hi there, call me Yoshii. I am the founder of the Battlefield Knights. We have been a dedictated PS3 platoon since 2010. BK on Facebook: www.facebook.com/supportbk BK on Twitter: www.twitter.com/supportbk BK on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/BattlefieldCries

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  1. tabasaki says:

    NICE…finally…never gonna run solo again. This feature is awesome. Anyone that is not yet my friend on PSN or Battlelog…shot me a friend request so we can tear up the battlefield.

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