Training: Get Pro! Date: August 1, 2012

We are proud to announce our official Platoon Trainer, Nachinrob!

This event is open for all Battlefield Knights members.

Training Name: Get Pro!
Involves: Teamwork, headsets and dedication.

Training Introduction:

It's about knowing your teammates, trusting them and enjoying playing with then can only be obtained by fighting shoulder to shoulder. It's about adaptation and being fit for any situation!! Hope to see you all there during practice time! Wear your gear so we can stay on schedule.

To give you an impression of what we are trying to achieve with this training, watch these guys dominate the battlefield.
Observe how they move, talk and support each other. These guys are good. Look at their score and K/D at min. 13:38 of the video..

Training Objective:

1. To learn to work together.
2. Take advantage of the class specialties for the good of the squad.
3. Move together.
4. Get the most out of your headset.

Training Schedule:

- First 5 min -> The basic will be explained to each squad.
- Rest of time -> Play play play …. And give tips to each other.
- After the training we let other people in our server, an put our knowledge to the test!

Date: August 1, 2012
Time: 20:00 GMT +1
Server: Server 2 - Random's Server
Allowed Weapons:

Written by

Hi there, call me Yoshii. I am the founder of the Battlefield Knights. We have been a dedictated PS3 platoon since 2010. BK on Facebook: BK on Twitter: BK on YouTube:

41 Responses to "Training: Get Pro! Date: August 1, 2012"

  1. Mrs_Fiend says:

    This is great! Pretty excited about this. Always looking to learn more and to become a better player.

  2. Redfish1122 says:

    Nicely said

  3. ZohanDaGreat says:

    I watched the video, man, I’d love to play like that sometime, for some reason it feels like more fun and realistic. :)

  4. Nachinrob says:

    So nice that u like it!! Im very excited too! We gonna have some hardcore fun! =)

  5. quickblast says:

    Wow. Just watched squad training video. Would like to play like that. Think I will get same scope for my Famas – iorn sights suck on that gun. Can’t make 1st August – sun and surf time. Will make the next training session.

    • Nachinrob says:

      Im very happy u liked the video. You and all of us are going to play like that or even better!! Its teamwork and for that we need practice together. Its a pity u can’t make to the this first training.. but as u say, it will be others. Soldiers also need sun, surf and to relax =) Have a great time mate

  6. abdul_king says:

    Rob Rob Rob i want you to train me for Magnum , i love that gun

  7. Nachinrob says:

    Hahahaha… We´re gonna do a special training for Magnum Abdul. Its a great gun… one just need some practice with it the get use to some tricks like the pullback

  8. Nachinrob says:

    Hope to see you on August 1st!

  9. Redfish1122 says:

    If I’m not working I’ll be there

  10. Dave3827 says:

    This is the right direction, move and fight as one .

  11. RandomAvatar says:

    Definitely guys I’m so glad everyone’s excited. We will be in top fighting shape in no time.

  12. Eterna-1995 says:

    ill be ther probably a luttle bit later, at about 20:30 can i still join then?

    • Nachinrob says:

      Yes u can join. But if possible try to be on time. The first parts of the training is where most of basics for the training takes places. If u come late, pls follow the lead of your squad leaders or squad mates and try to pay as much attention as possible to get the basic out of them.

  13. TrezlySnipes says:

    Nice I hope I can make this. I need to working on my sniping. Yes I know my tag is TrezlySnipes but that is more of a nickname. I look forward to getting to know you all!

  14. randall421 says:

    I’ll be there

  15. ABDALWAHAB2 says:

    do i got to wear aheadset becuase if i most wear one i will buy one it will be awesome training as i think

    • Nachinrob says:

      In this case Headsets are a Requirement for the training, because a huge part of it goes to for a good communication. So all participant muss have a headset.
      If u haven’t one, u can check out the FAQ of our website to get some tips on what to buy. I recommend a headset in general to enhance the game experience. And being a Sir you will probably get the most out of it. Communication is key for a good team-play. Hope u see u at the training!

  16. jay17xx says:

    what’s the password ?? i want in

  17. Nachinrob says:

    Looking forward seeing you all at the training on Wednesday!

  18. Panna-G says:

    Yeah! Let’s do it!

  19. Destroyerx07 says:

    all i need is some more rushing/run&gun tactics.
    can you provide that sir?

  20. abdul_king says:

    Guys be on time & dnt forget 3 main points

    1 – wear your clan Tag properly – Sir
    2 – charge your headset & controller & have patience to listen
    3 – listen to what ROB or your squad leader says as they are the most imp things ,

    Guys remember when u join in please dnt just start shooting like a mad man , make sure u understand what is happening , if not then please ask your squad leader ……… lets get pro & make the best out of this training . Thanks to Nachin Rob , Mr Bizar & Mr Junky for making it possible for us

  21. Redfish1122 says:

    What time is this training event in USA central time ?

  22. Nachinrob says:

    The event starts in 1:30 hours. Please follow the recommendations made by Abdul. Let’s train and have some fun!

  23. Dave3827 says:

    What’s tonights server password

  24. Dave3827 says:

    Sent 2x emails about pro training no replies nice.

  25. Dave3827 says:

    Please ignore last comment I was upset to miss this event.

  26. xafricanwarriorx says:

    this event was fantastic. i felt like i was in a real war and the tactics real work. cant wait to use these tactics against randoms or other clans

  27. abdul_king says:

    loved training with you rob , thanks 2 u n bizar n junky , had a superb time & learned a lot

  28. Nachinrob says:

    I so glad u liked it guys! I think I speak for Bizar and Junky when I say we enjoyed it too. Thanx for coming

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