Training Videos

Training Videos We have yet to create our own training-videos. Which is unfortunate but so be it. It takes a lot of time to film a training. Unfortunately the spectator mode is not something we can film.

Do you know well constructed instruction videos, please post it in the forum. We are looking for videos on tactics, how to fly, shoot or anything which will help us become a player.

We do give our own training, check out our event section. Thanks to the time and effort donated by Platoon Leaders, we can organize these events. If you would like to join such an event, check our website and forum.

Best Training Videos

Using the MAV to shoot - June 25, 2012

Did you know your MAV can acyualy lock on to another MAV and shoot it? It also works on Claymores, Spawnbeacons and a bunch of other items.

Dominate with cooperation - March 27, 2012

When I said we do not have any BK training videos, I meant not enough. I did make one to show how the combination of Recon, Support and Engineer can dominate any vehicle map. You need the Support class to cover you, while you are focused on your target. You need an Engineer with a Soflam. And ofcourse a Recon with a SOFLAM to laserpaint the targets. Laser painters are also available on the third seat in a Tank and on a Helicopter.

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Misc. Video

If I would have told you this, would you have believed me?
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Event Video

Footage from our Quickdraw Event. On the explosion, you draw you sidearm
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WTF Video

If I would have told you this, would you have believed me?
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