WTF Videos

WTF Videos If I told you I drove a Jeep into a Tank once and bumped it up in the air, would you have believed me? That is one of the benefits of recording our games. Some of the WTF moments are posted below. Often I record things and plan to cut it into a video. But often I forget or can't be bothered to go over 2 hours material to find those special 5 seconds. I guess you just have to take my word for it.

Did you record any WTF moments yourself and you are a member of this Platoon, feel free to create a topic our forum. All our videos are available on YouTube

Best WTF Videos

Chuck Norris Ammo

I discovered this when I threw a box of Ammo at a friendly in the corner of a building. Ammo crates can break down walls and if you are unlucky enough, collapse the only supporting spot which hold the building up.

Slice you like a Pizza

I sneak up on this guy shooting at me with his handgun. Like a Ninja I avoid all his bullets. I slice him once...twice...three times...and I am dead, HUH? But...but...I am a Ninja...WHO SHOT ME?

Chuck Norris Jeep

We are cruising around a bit with some friends in a Jeep. We are chilling, listening to some music, enjoying the scenery - When out of nothing this big enemy tank is parked in our way.

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Misc. Video

Have you ever had your picture taken in the game?
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Training Video

Learn to control the Battlefield Vehicle maps with only 3 players.
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Event Video

Footage from our Quickdraw Event. On the explosion, you draw you sidearm
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