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Read all about upcoming Platoon Events and Battles. Rules of the game, where and when.

Event: Quickdraw Date: August 2, 2014

This event is open for all Battlefield Knights members. Event Name: QUICK DRAW Involves: SINGLE SHOT Handgun, blood like ice and a dead eye. Game Objective: On the Platoon Leader or Event Managers instruction, you line up. Wait for the c4 to explode and switch from your main weapon to your sidearm and shoot. You stop shooting till there is 

EASTER HUNT: Find the $10 PSN card

Find the $10 PSN card Judging from the many videos on YouTube, its clear you guys like to search for hidden rewards. So we have hidden an Egg somewhere on this website. This one is actually worth 10 USD. The price will be e-mailed to your registered BK e-mail. You can exchange the code in the Playstation(*) store. (*)The card 

Time Zone Match

We started the "Time Zone Match" in 2012 with forum posts for each region. Members had to post their region there. A lot of work. With a new version of Battlefield and an upgrade of Battlelog, we can't stay behind....

Event: Zombie Mode v2.0 Date: August 18, 2012

A Rush event involving RU side who are zombies and defending the MCOM station. And the US side (attackers) who are humans. Zombies use knife to kill and humans can use guns and knives. Zombies win by killing all humans. Humans win by surviving or by reducing zombie team tickets to zero. If slots are available on RU side,...