BF4 Squad Join (Beta) – How to?

The party is on!

Why this never was an option from the start, we never understood. The days of waiting in a queue to join your friends is over. In the game, select Multiplayer. You should now have the "BF4 Squad Join (Beta)" option. If you click it, you will start in the lobby. (see image below)

Join your friend with the BF4 Squad Join Beta

Join or start a squad

When you are in the lobby you can see from the squads created by your friends. There are 5 spots available per squad. If there is a spot, join the squad. (see image above)

To create your own squad, select "New Squad". A new squad will be automatically created. When your friends are in the lobby they have the option to join your squad. When you filled up your team, hit the square button to jump into any available server with spots for your team. (see image below)

Join your friend with the BF4 Squad Join Beta

Select the Game Mode

If you click the triangle button, you will have some options. At least, that is how it appears. Probably during the Beta, DICE decided to keep the options limited to "Game Mode" only. (see image below)

Join your friend with the BF4 Squad Join Beta

You can always join your friends using the Battlelog option. Press "Select" button on your PS3 controller, select a friend in the squad and click the X button.

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5 Responses to "BF4 Squad Join (Beta) – How to?"

  1. MrHydroflix10 says:

    This only beta expect the updated version pre game chat

  2. tabasaki says:

    I have been waiting for this. I love how it works in BF3.

  3. SirDucesXXIV says:

    Good, things are now getting a lot easier.

  4. toxicinference says:

    I love this feature. I just hope that we can use voice chat pre-game and that we will be able to do other GMs and maps and chose what server to join maybe 😀

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