Premium Double XP weekend

Battlefield4 Premium Event

Get your gear on and lock and load those weapons. This weekend is another Double XP weekend for premium members. If you have boost tickets, this would be the time to use them. Using boost tickets during double XP events will give you a crazy amount of XP! And let's be honest, once you hit rank 100, you need all the extra points you can get to get to the next rank.

200% tickets

We have set our server to 200% tickets. So don't waste your tickets on official DICE servers. Join ours and get your XP thrill.

Battlefield4 Premium Event

This event is only available for members with a Battlefield Premium account. No premium yet? You really should consider getting premium. Unfortunately you have missed out on several double XP events. But, its not too late. You will get all the maps and gold packs you did miss.

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5 Responses to "Premium Double XP weekend"

  1. SirDucesXXIV says:

    Me and RandomAvatar dominated this end of the week.

  2. e6eleven says:

    Cleared 117 and 118 in a few hours this weekend thanks to a couple of extra 100%. I should be able to meet my goal of 120 before Dragon’s Teeth releases.

  3. nass says:

    Talking about Dragon’s Teeth release. I got trolled by the countdown :p

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