BK Polo Collection (M)

BK Polo Collection (M)

Our collection of Polo shirts for him. Show of the unique trademarks of the Battlefield Knights to your friends. These Polo shirts are designed especially for everyone who is a supporter or a member of the Elite group "Battlefield Knights".

These Polo shirts are 100% combed cotton (6.8 oz) and have that nice soft touch when you wear it. it breathes well so you'll stay cool on even the hottest afternoon. This classic two-button men's polo shirt is ideal for a bit more formal then a casual shirt. We have waited this long to make sure that the print is of a very high quality. The BK Trademarks like our logos and graphics have been re-designed especially to keep the high level of detail in print as well as the stitched emblems.

InfiniStitch Embroidery

InfiniStitch uses a process that allows for thread colors and increased image resolution over traditional embroidery. InfiniStitch Embroidered products accurately reproduce photographs, gradients, and highly detailed images. As in traditional embroidery dyed thread is used to create a long lasting and permanent embroidered product.

High Quality Standards

We want to make sure that every product we put in our store is of the best quality. We want to make sure you are fully satisfied with the item you bought and are a happy costumer. These are the advantages of buying our products: (*on Polo Shirts only!)

Support the Battlefield Knights

Of every clothing item you buy from our SupportBK Store, we receive 6 US Dollar. So the more you buy, the more you support the Battlefield Knights. Like our other donations we will use this to put back in the BK. If you can't find anything right now, feel free to check back later.

Your own design

Unfortunately the Polo shirts with embroidery have a limited space and require a very high detailed graphic. There is no room to add another graphic in there which would be big enough to be readable.

Blue Polo Shirt (M) Embroidery on front - $35.99




Black Polo Shirt (M) Embroidery on front - $35.99