Our PS3 Battlefield4 Servers

The Battlefield Knights PS3 Server

Currently 1 dedicated European Battlefield4 server for our members. If possible we will rent another server for the US. Unfortunately the servers cost about 60 USD per 3 months. We ask for your support by contributing to the costs. Anyone donating more then 5 Euro gets a VIP slot on the server. In addition Platoon Leaders also have a VIP seat.

Can I use these servers??

As a member you always have free access to our servers. If the servers are locked for an event, you will find the password for this in our forum. Do not pass on the password to anyone who is not a member. Usually both servers are set open to public and and run normal mode, conquest. Every once in a while we reset the servers to run different maps to keep the variation going.

How do I find the servers?

Go ingame to your server browser and search for: battlefield knights. Select the server and do not forget to bookmark it. This way you can always find our server in your favorites. Scroll to your favorites list by using the R1 and L1 buttons on your controller.

Can I edit the servers??

You can not edit the server unless you are an admin or have a similar position within the BK. We want to make sure we are all following the same protocol when it comes to server maintenance. The Master Platoon Leader and Chief are maintaining the server roles and settings.

Can I kick or Ban people?

As a member you can not kick or ban anyone. If you have problems with a user ingame, please contact one of our First Platoon Leaders so he can take care of this. The First Platoon Leaders will warn, kick and/or ban offenders.

Server Rules?

Not many. But we try to stick to 1 rule, No base- or spawn-killing. The last flag is the last line. You do not move beyond that to their base. You do not fly over their base and shoot at them.
We do not want our servers cleaned out by 1 or 2 people who are trying to get an easy score. If we do not maintain our servers, people will not return and we end up with empty servers and nobody to play with. Your Sir clantag is one of honer, so lets play this way.

If the server is full, will you kick someone?

Everyone waits in line, including the server owner. We are not going to kick anyone if the game is already on the way. You would not like to lose your bonus because an admin kicked you off the server either. So do not ask us to do this for you. Everyone waits in line, even me. If I can not get in my own server because it is full, I wait.
If the option is there, e.g. someone just joined with 0 score, we will kick this person.

I got kicked from our server by an Admin?

Were you wearing your Sir clantag? Our policy is to warn players first. Either by messages or through VOIP. Especially when you are wearing a clantag! If you are not wearing our clantag you might end up getting kicked by a Platoon Leader.

Killed by an Admin?

This is something which happens when we like to display our power. We move all the Battlefield Knights members to one side. It is a sort of instant clanwar. Anyone can have a crack on beating the BK. The death caused by the Admin will not affect your score or k/d rate and you will have the benefit of not losing that round. This is also another reason why you should wear your Sir clantag. If we can not see you are a Sir, you might get overlooked and end up on the wrong side. We hate to kill one of our own, but with so members, it is hard to keep track who is who.

I am not a member but got kicked, why?

Read the server description!

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  1. Dave3827 says:

    Clan tag how do I get one

    • Click on your ‘profile’ link (top of the battlelog screen) to go to your profile page > scroll down and click the ‘Edit profile’ link (under your big profile image) > ‘Soldier settings’, there is a box where you can enter your ‘Sir’ clan tags
      ! don’t forget to save your new settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the yellow ‘Save’ button!

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