What headset should I use?

What is a good headset to use during gaming?

My advise, a closed one. Either plain Stereo or Surround Sound, it is your budget. What is more annoying then a player without a headset? One with a cheap headset, which is picking up background noise. You probably have played games where you just had to mute the person in your squad because you hear screaming kids in the background, TV's or conversations of other people in the room.

This is why I advise to use a headset which covers both ears. The advantage of this is that you will hear the gamechat and gamesound through your headset. The problem of the earpiece Bluetooth headsets is that you have them in one ear and you still have to turn up the volume of your TV to hear the gamesound. This is for other players annoying but not great for yourself either because you will not be able to hear someone sneak up on you.

If you are thinking of upgrading your headset, you should read this. In this review I am writing about all the headsets I have used, with the exception of the Sony 7.1 PS3 headset.

How much should you spent on a headset?

This all depends on your budget ofcourse, but the better headset are between 50 to 100 Euro. So let's look at the different headsets and their price range.

Mono Bluetooth headsets

To start with the the cheap one ear headset by Sony. (first headset in the photo) They are cheap, around 30 Euro and hard to break. I dropped one from the first floor on concrete in the rain, and it still works.

The disadvantage, its mono, heavy & unfomfortable, bad sound quality, you can only hear chat and it picks up background noises. If you have a cellphone you probably already have an earpiece like it. The Bluetooth headsets also work with most cellphones and your Playstation. So there are better versions of them. I have a very nice Motorola earpiece for my phone which works with my PS3. My advise is to not to spent any money on them but to add another 40 Euro and to buy a really good one.

What is good headset?

There are several popular brands on the market. Turtle Beach, Sony, Razor, Tritton or Sharkoon are just a few. In this article I will talk about Turtle Beach PX21, PX5 and the Sony 7.1.

Turtle Beach PX21 Earforce

Lets start with the cheapest, the Turtle Beach PX21 Earforce (fourth headset in the photo). I paid around 56 Euro for it in a big electronics store.

The PX21 is a Stereo headphone that cover you ears. It is comfortable and doesn't push your ears against your head. It has a lot of options, like chat boost, bass boost, seperate buttons to set the volume of the VOIP & gamesound, voice monitor, mute and comes with all the cables you need for any console and the PC.

A few disadvantages, the headset is not wireless. The headset has a controler which you clip on your pants on on your shirt. Unfortunately the length between the controler and the headset is not very long, so if you are tall like me (1.96meter = 6.6feet) the line is too short. Big plus, it works on all consoles and PC.

Sony 7.1 PS3 Headset

It was only later when I was shopping for a new headset, that I came across this wireless Sony headset (third headset in the photo). The headset has 7.1 Surround and works with any Bluetooth device.

I have had no experience with using it myself, but we have several members who are using it. Their gamesound is overall very good and I hear no complaints. It is still picking up background because Sony went with the same type of micrphone in this headset. But as you now hear and adjust the gamesound and chat through the headset, there is no need for TV to be turned up loud.

If I would have to buy a new headset on a budget, it would be this one.

Turtle Beach PX5 Earforce

When I was shopping for headsets I wasn't on a budget. I have my PS3 since 2010 and spent many hours on it since then. This is why I decided to buy something which will lasts for a long time and has a very high comfort and quality level. Do not underestimate the damage a bad and loud headset does to your ears.

My choice was the Turle Beach PX5 (second headset in the photo). It has 7.1 Surround, bass boost, chat monitor, adjustable voice- and game-sound, mute, voice boost and it comes with a USB cable so you can download or install presets. There are lots of presets, like super natural hearing, footstep monitor, etc. Or you can make your own, adjust the level of static and background noise from other players and much more. Have a look at all the specs on the Turtle Beach website.

What I do not like about this headset, too many buttons and options. I often find myself pushing the wrong button when I am looking for mute. I sometimes hear certain beeps I can't ID yet, which is confussing the heck out of me. The prices range around 180 Euro for this headset.

Questions to ask yourself

So when you are looking for a headset, ask yourself the following:

  • How much time am I spending playing on the PS3? If you spent more then 1 hour a day, go for a good headset. Are you playing 3 hours a week or less, stick with your mono headset.
  • What is my budget? Go atleast for something wireless and with Surround sound. Surround is a standard for most games and movies, so why miss out on it? Besides that, you can fully enjoy BlueRay movies in surround sound on your PS3.
  • Wired or wireless? The problem with several headsets, you can connect them on PS3 and Xbox, but not on the PC. My wired version, the Turtle Beach PX21 works perfect with both consoles and the PC/Mac. My advise would be to go for wireless.
  • Is it comfortable? Could you spent 2 hours wearing this? This will be a problem trying it out in the store or buying it from the internet. I prefer a headset that does not push on my ears so it should have big earshells.
  • 17 Responses to "What headset should I use?"

    1. Rizonius05 says:

      I am using the Sony Official Wireless Stereo headset since 1-2 months. The sound quality ans surround effects are awesome…thanks to the 7.1 Dolby digital speakers!! It has a crystal clear microphone. The in-game sound and chat voice can be easily adjusted. The battery is good. It charges just like the PS3 controller. No any strain on ears or head is there even after playing for 4-5 hours!!! It costs $ 99 or 5600 INR…!! If you want quality, comfort and style, this is an intelligent choice.
      Note-Its quite disappointing that it is not available in India till the day I posted this comment!! :(

    2. majgator55 says:

      I also have the Sony official headset. It has great sound and I have no complaints. I agree completely with rizonius.

    3. The thing I like about my Turtlebeach is, there is no loader. If the batteries in your headset run out, put 2 new ones in it and you are good to go.

    4. Dragon2711 says:

      I’m using Astro A40, they ‘re expensive but well worth it : )

    5. FeveristikJr says:

      Sony 7.1 PS3 Headset, im using these 😀 there awesome!!!

    6. mad-NoobZ says:

      After reading this I did a little research and found an array of headsets to buy, after reading the reviews of many Turtle Beach was the most recommended. Although they vary in price I wasn’t looking to break the the Bank so went for a set of P11’s so far they are comfortable and feel great on, sound quality blows my PS3 Bluetooth headset away.Anyone seeking a great all-rounder headset I would recommend any of the turtle beach range.

    7. ZohanDaGreat says:

      It’s been a few weeks since I bought my Turtle Beach PX21s and I have never looked back. Sounds quality is amazing, and even the stereo works just as good as surround sound! This article has helped me a lot, so thank you Yoshii!

    8. MACattackROGI says:

      I’ve had the Sony 7.1 PS3 Headset since release day and I can honestly say it sucks. It started out working perfectly, but as time went on the quality and functionally decreased severally. I can get about 3 hours of playing time out of it while it takes 6+ to charge. People often complain about static/hissing comming from my mic, and I’m starting to notice it more as well. By far though, the most annoying thing has to be when the whole headset cuts off mid-game and does extremely loud bass noises. I’ve died so many times because of this and wasted even more game time resetting the headset. I couldn’t return this headset because it was a gift, and I’m currently low on cash cuz I’m starting college, so I’m basically out of luck. I do not recommend this product 1/5.

    9. Mrs_Fiend says:

      So the new head set that i will be ordering is..Turtle Beach PX21 Earforce!!! Hope to have it in about 2 weeks or so :) I have read great reviews on them and hope to write one soon as well :)

    10. Achauhan99 says:

      I had a turtle beach p11 as my first ever headset(after i got sick of my bluetooth mic),and man that headset was GOOD!It lasted me about 1 year (halfway through it broke down,but since i bought it at a local shop it got replaced for free).I got it for about £39.99 and its a reallygood first headset.It was easy to set up with hdmi(which i use).You can adjust the game volume and chat volume quite easily,and it doesnt pick up background noise unless its quite loud(trust me.When my parents have relatives come over,their chats are loud and half the time they’re laughing hard xD)
      I recently had them replaced by a pair of triton ax180s,and to summarize,that headset was great and reliable 😀

    11. saints929 says:

      PX21’s Earforces are awesome , so glad i bought them !

    12. D6DN-8PNT-NHK6 says:

      Im goona get the Sony Headset!

    13. bluesmurf117 says:

      I am using the Sony Official Wireless Stereo headset it works really great.

    14. RandomAvatar says:

      Thanks for the advice. That’s why I got the Sony surround sound headphones.

    15. REDirishXIII says:

      Im actually using, and much prefer the Afterglow headset ive got. an A.3 i believe

    16. tabasaki says:

      I use the Turtle Beach PX3. They are over the ear and sound great. Very good quality wireless headset. Its step down from the PX21 but I have yet to fiind a negative feature about them.


      • I saw your headset works with ps4 aswell‏
        You need the Turtle Beach PS4 chat lead. Available in the US TB store. Other countries can use Ebay or Amazon. There is a plug-entrance in your headphones, has a icon of a controller next to it.

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